March 31, 2020

Sony SmartWatch: An Android device that’ll keep your hands free

Smart Watch is equipped with 1.3 inch OLED touch screen and can be connected with Android smartphone to read messages, check email and other social networking applications.

Placed in a shell of wristwatch, Smart Watch looks quite similar to the iPod Nano 6th generation. The design is simple and elegant, with two touch touch screen, 1.3 inches wide, capable of displaying 65,000 colours. The device is also very handy because you can take the face off the strap and clip it almost anywhere.

Regrading its function, Smart Watch act as a peripheral device used to display content on Sony’s particular smartphone and most smartphone running Android, is perfect for those times when it would be inappropriate to be constantly looking at your phone. The watch uses Bluetooth, allowing users to read messages, check mail, view appointments and access to personal social networks quickly.

Of course, Smart Watch can also reject or receive phone calls, or plays songs through a Bluetooth headset. Battery of this product range from 3 to 7 days, depending on usage levels. The device will be out in late April at the price of $ 150.

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