October 7, 2022

Google bringing automatic Android backup service to the Nexus One

Google will be bringing some sort of automatic Android backup service to the Nexus One like desktop docking station, Google mentions that the dock can be used to “charge the phone while streaming music and backing up your data.” That last bit there is today’s fuel for the rumor mill. Google is getting ready to roll out a native Android backup service that possibly involves a desktop client.
Nexus One
Google already stores a lot of backup-able data in their cloud (Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, etc.), so the thinking is that a dock-based backup service would be more comprehensive. The iPhone, for example, backs up SMS text messages, apps, music and videos through iTunes. It wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Google offering a similar option for the Nexus One.

The less exciting possibility is that Google is referring to backup apps available on the Android Market. But, those apps don’t necessarily require that an Android phone be plugged into a computer or docking station.

We’ll have to wait for Google to release more information be we know more. The Nexus One’s rumored launch is slated for Jan. 5th, so expect more info on or before that date.

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