June 24, 2024

Promote your mobile apps and applications quickly

Greetings fellow developer. We have been talking about app a lot lately and it’s good to know that so many of our readers are finding it interesting. Apps have been the centre of many businesses today and it’s no surprise that apps provides one of the most happening opportunities today. It is highly likely that apps will be the business of tomorrow, given the widespread of use today. We get a lot of questions on ways to promote apps. We have covered a lot of topics on app reviews and installs and today we will be focussing on mobile app promotion strategies. The main aim is to let our developers know how the app store functions and how can they use few techniques to promote their app and make their app business a successful one. Let’s get started then app review services.

Trends in the App Store

While we talk about App Store in general, we are referring to both Play Store and the iOS App Store. As many of you might know, Play Store by Google is the most populated app store in the market with around  million apps and this number is likely to double by 2020 as per latest surveys. The iOS App Store by Apple is next only to Google in terms of number of apps and is currently #2 in the app market. Last week, it was speculated that  Windows is out of the smartphone business and that makes the Windows store a thing of the past. Anyways, a survey conducted in 2017 suggests that the iOS Store will have around 3 million apps by the end of 202 thanks to the ever increasing developer community and the latest trends in the growth of app usage by people. As per estimate, almost every person holding a smartphone uses approximately 6 apps in their whole day. Think of the business opportunities then. A simple mobile phone game like Ludo has the potential to make you a millionaire. All it takes is a quality app and good app marketing and promotion strategies. 

App Promotion Techniques 

Here it goes. Let us take a look into some of the app promotion strategies that you can use to promote your app quickly buy app installs

App Ads and teasers:  Videos are the trend of the day. Video streaming sites and social media is the talk of the day and therefore it is wise only to invest in these domains. Gone are the days when users used to browse through long articles and charts to get to know the features of an app. It is the time of videos. A creative video with a good content can persuade people to install your app. A good video is always intriguing to the mind and if crafted well, it has the potential to lure people in installing your app. So, invest in a good video and witness the magic.