July 20, 2024

Trading 101: Quick Guide To Master Option Strategies

Options trading is among the best tools to make wealth in the world of share market. In options trading and intraday trading, strategic decision-making reigns supreme. An options trading strategy serves as the compass guiding traders through the dynamic waters of call, put, and holding positions. In this blog, we’ll be giving you a quick guide and walkthrough to master and learn option strategies

What is an Options Strategy & It’s Importance

At its core, an options reading strategy is a meticulously crafted set of rules and guidelines by master traders. These options and intraday trading strategy act as a North Star for newbies in the trading water. These strategies enlighten traders on how to navigate complex trading markets. Whether it’s about generating income, hedging losses, or speculating on market directions, a well-crafted strategy is your key to success.

Before you start your options or intraday trading journey, it is important to have a robust and tested trading strategy. Now, let’s look at some of the most popular options trading strategies, each with its own unique risk-to-profit profile. 

Covered Calls and Married Puts

In the covered call strategy, you choose to sell a call option on the stock you own. By doing so, you look forward to not only generating income from the premium but also capping your downside risk. It’s like getting rent on your stock holdings. 

In the married put strategy, you buy a put option on your stock holdings. This acts as an insurance policy, giving you protection against the downside risk while allowing room for potential upside gains. 

Long Straddle and Strangle

In a long straddle, you buy both a call and a put option on the same stock, anticipating a significant move in either direction. It’s a play on the volatility of the market, seeking to capitalize on gains in the market dynamics. 

In Strangle, you buy both a call and a put option with different strike prices. It seeks to profit from significant market moves but with lesser risk than a long straddle. 

Iron Condor and Collar

On a short note, the iron condor strategy involves selling your both call and put options with different strike prices. Here, you aim to profit from a market that moves within a specific range and has less volatility. 

In the collar strategy, you combine the use of both a protective put and a covered call. It’s very common, and it is often referred to as a dance of protecting against downside risk while limiting upside potential. 

Bull Call Spread and Bear Put Spread

In the bull call spread strategy, you buy one call option at a lesser strike price and sell another at a high price. It’s more fruitful when there’s a moderate increase in an underlying stock.

Conversely, the bear put spread involves buying a put option at a higher price and selling another at a lower strike price. It’s a play on a moderate decrease in the underlying stock. 


As we conclude this expedition into options trading strategies, armed with knowledge, you’re better equipped to make better decisions when you invest online. These options strategies are the sails that catch the winds of market dynamics, propelling you toward the exciting realm of creating wealth with options.