July 20, 2024

How ASO Serves Organic Downloads to your Mobile App

Consider you’ve developed an amazing app with advanced features and excellent UI and you have made all the arrangements to drive it to the Apple app store and Google app store. Do you think that your app will top the charts just because it is amazing and has excellent features?

The answer is ‘No’. In today’s app market, the number of apps in both app stores is in a total of 2 million. Which means that the level of competition is quite high. There is at least 1 app that is similar to yours, maybe more. So in this battle where each and every aspect constitutes in bringing the user’s attention. It all depends on the user’s attention, people need to decide which app to download in order to get their job done. You need to have the right app marketing strategies to attract users to your app. But what are the factors that potentially might influence users to make a decision of clicking on the Install button of your app?

ASO is one such marketing strategy that has influenced in more number of the organic flow of users to an app. App Store Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of an app in the search results of the app stores. ASO specializes in various fields that help in getting an app to the top so that the user can see it. It audits on the Reviews and Ratings of an app, app title, screenshots, preview videos and much more potential aspects of an app.

App Store Ratings and Reviews

It serves as the social proof for the users. Ratings and Reviews are one of the important factors in ASO, ratings allow users to rate an app between 1 and 5 stars according to the level of satisfaction by the app and its features. An buy app reviews is a written feedback user leave.

App reviews are the main feature of an app in the app store, it helps in attracting users to your app, only positive reviews have an impact on your app. Getting users to review your app it might be a little trouble. Not all the user take a few minutes in their busy life to write a few lines on how they feel about your app. You can use a few tricks in getting them to write a review like providing free coins or free promo codes to coupons or anything in your app to users. Or, you can pay for app reviews from a trusted firm that offers authentic app review service.

How important ratings and reviews are?

App review is an objective way of describing the views of users. Basically, in ASO it is a form of marketing that is trusted by people. It shows what to expect from the app as a future buyer. App reviews can be positive or negative. People put negative reviews when they come across a bug or when they are not happy with a certain feature, or when the keeps crashing.

App ratings that have an average below 3 are acknowledged as negative ones. These ratings can signal a user that your app has serious issues, resulting in scared users and makes them not to download the app. App reviews are important for developers, current users and mainly to new users.

New users: will have a great insight into the app, as what are the unique features of an app and what the existing users think about it.

Developers: They can get feedback on the pros and cons of the app, it will be a suggestion or advice on adding or removing a feature.

Current Users: They have the opportunity to direct access to the developer and suggest any of the features they’d want.

You can try and pay for app reviews if your app isn’t getting good reviews from the users. These ASO companies provide reviews and ratings which will be used to bring the organic flow of users to your app. ASO also helps in giving you a great insight into how to use your app title, description, and screenshots to grab more influx of users to your app by improving the rankings in the app store search results.