April 17, 2024

Why Mobile App Reviews Are Important!

The number of smartphone users is increasing and the technology surrounding these devices has also evolved at lightning-fast speeds.  Nowadays, we constantly carry phones in our pockets to every place we go to. It has become an inseparable part of our lives. What can it not do? From getting groceries delivered to your doorstep to completing payments online using UPI, phones have become equivalent to a utility. Yet, the phone would have been pieces of hardware stacked together if we did not have apps to use in it. When you think about it, apps are what make the phone become a gadget that we cannot forget to bring with us.

With apps, there comes the part that always accompanies it – mobile app reviews. When a smartphone user experiences an app – there are three ways about it:

  • The user is extremely satisfied with the app’s features and they feel that they should share their experience with the others. And there is not a platform greater than the app’s review platform itself to share their thoughts with the world. So he/she posts a 5-star review if extremely satisfied or a 4-star rating if he/she feels that he can give some feedback for improvement.
  • The people in middle-ground or neutral people – these people don’t care that much about the app they are using. They see if the work they intend to do is being done with the help of the app. If not, they uninstall the app. They are not motivated enough to write a positive review or a negative one. Their needs are simple and as long as that is being met, they are cool with it. These people, however, can be provoked to write buy mobile app reviews
  • The people who get angry at the littlest of things – not really, but when they use an app they expect it to be free of bugs and glitches and they expect the optimum performance out of the app. If some feature of the app irks them too much then they will be aggravated about it, and they won’t think twice before posting a 3-star, 2-star, or maybe even a 1-star review for the app. These people do not need to be motivated to write mobile app reviews – they will do it on their own.

How to use mobile app reviews to rank your app up?

You might be unaware of the fact that mobile app reviews can be used to boost your app’s ranking too! When people leave reviews behind, other people see them and come to a decision. Reviews perform well in marketing your app. This works like ‘word of mouth’ marketing. If you want to enhance your position, you can also buy mobile app reviews to help you get that initial boost necessary to help your app climb the stairs to the top. To sum it up, just focus on improving your app and the reviews shall be flowing in spontaneously!